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Why is Compressed Air Better for My Paintball Marker?

Compressed Air has numerous advantages that make it the superior option for powering your paintball marker.

1. All compressed air tanks have regulators built in which provide a constant pressure to your paintball marker. This means that no matter how fast you are shooting, your paintball marker will always have the pressure it needs. Constant reliable pressure equates to greater accuracy, which will result in you earning more eliminations and more victories for your team.

2. Compressed air is much more tolerant to temperature changes than Co2. When you arrive at Extreme Rage Paintball Park of Fort Myers in the morning and you chronograph your paintball marker, you can expect your paintball marker to perform at the same safe levels throughout the day even as temperatures increase.

3. When using Co2 to power your paintball marker the faster you pull the trigger the less reliable your air source becomes. When Co2 changes from a liquid to a gas temperature drops dramatically. As temperature drops, operating pressures drop as well. Varying pressures result in lower accuracy and shots that do not travel as far. When in a firefight that the last thing you need.

4. The extreme temperature change that is experienced while rapidly firing a Co2 powered paintball marker can detrimentally effect the o-rings and seals within the paintball marker. As o-rings begin to dry out and fail the chances of experiencing an air leak increase. Here at Extreme Rage Paintball Park of Fort Myers we do offer repair services to get your paintball marker back in tip top shape, but why risk damage to your marker when you can simply use Compressed Air and avoid most of these issues entirely?

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