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Switching to Compressed Air Saves Money

Co2 tanks come in a variety of sizes ranging from small 9 oz tanks to large 24 oz tanks. With Co2 fills costing as much as 50 cents per ounce, a single fill will cost you between $4.50 and $12 depending on the size of your tank. Note: We no longer fill Co2 tanks. That being said, we do not even know where to refer customers who are still looking for Co2 fills.

Here at Extreme Rage Paintball Park we charge $1 per 1000 psi of Compressed Air. That being said, if your Compressed Air tank holds 3000 psi it will only cost $3 to fill. Likewise, if your tank can hold 4500 psi a fill will only cost $4.50. That is a potential savings of $9 each time you need to have your tank refilled. Which would you rather do? Fill your Co2 tank once? Or fill your Compressed Air tank 4 times?

Not only will you be saving money each time you refill one of your air tanks, you will also be saving money in the long run as Co2 does more damage to your paintball marker over time.

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